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Zero Waste Sheets for Your Sustainable Bedroom

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

We spend one third of our life sleeping (and even more if you're me!). For that reason, it's important to have sheets that are comfortable, free of chemicals, and sustainably made. Who wants to be up worrying if the sheets under them resulted in the destruction of the Amazon or the continued warming of the climate??

So don't worry! I've put together a list of some of the best zero waste, eco-friendly, planet-loving brands out there selling bed sheets! Each brand has its own pros and cons (material, location, cost, etc.) that I've briefly listed out. But no matter which one exactly you choose, you'll surely be snuggling up in a warm bed in no time!

Already have your sustainable sheets figured out? Maybe it's time to upgrade to a zero waste comforter!

Jenica throwing zero waste sheets in the air

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you purchase a product through these links, at no extra cost to you!

Zero Waste, Green, Comfy, and Wonderful Sheets!

Location: California, USA

Material: cotton, latex, wool

Cost: $

Highlights: B-Corp, 1% for the Planet, woman-owned, Carbon Neutral Certified, Green Business America, GOTS and GOLS certified

Description: Avocado Mattress had me falling in love with their company (which I didn't think I'd ever say about a bedding company)! They have too many certifications for me too even list above and are the only B-Certified company on this list. They practice radical transparency with all of the manufacturing information easily accessible on their website. Their material is grown and harvested in India with manufacturing plants located throughout the U.S. Their U.S. based buildings are all run on 100% solar energy!

I have a king Avocado Green Mattress that I absolutely LOVE! I purchased it with the plush pillow topper and haven't had Noah wake me up from rolling around yet! We didn't buy a set of sheets with the mattress, but only because we already had some. We'll be adding a set of these to our wedding registry though...

Location: New York, USA

Material: linen

Cost: $$$

Highlights: Black-owned

Description: Linoto has a specific Zero Waste Policy in place that aims to reduce waste in the manufacturing and shipping of their product. "As part of the Linoto Zero Waste Program, the scraps are kept and recycled into our linen boxer shorts and Household Helpers Treeless Linen Towels. [They] also use the scraps as swatches to send samples to customers."

We don't use a top sheet and were so happy to see that Linoto sells them as separates! We purchased a lovely dark green bottom sheet when we realized one bottom sheet just wasn't enough (what do you do while you're washing one?).

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Material: bamboo

Cost: $

Highlights: 1% for the Planet, CO2 neutral website, women-owned

Description: Ettitude makes sheets out of bamboo lyocell fabric using 100% organic bamboo. The bamboo is sourced from FSC-certified sustainable forests in China. They use a closed-loop system to dissolve the bamboo into pulp, reducing their water use by 98% compared to other methods. They use every inch of their fabric in the manufacturing process, using the leftover pieces to make the reusable draw-string bags their sheets come in.

We have a king sized fitted sheet, mattress pad, and summer weight comforter from Ettitude. The sustainable comforter is amazingly soft but we'll definitely need a warmer one for the winter months.

Location: Washington State, USA

Material: wool, cotton, latex

Cost: $$$

Highlights: woman-owned, GOTS, Eco Wool, IAOS certified, Green America

Description: With a Zero Waste Philosophy, Holy Lamb Organics makes sure to use every scrap of material for another purpose. They commit to sending nothing to the landfill and only recycling/composting as a last resort. Their boxes as always cardboard sealed with simply a strip of paper tape. Any plastic that is used to wrap the mattresses is the upcycled plastic that their wool is sent to the factory in!

Whether it's the packaging our raw materials arrive in or the remnants of fabric, wool, and latex used in production, we have in-house solutions to ensure none of it goes to the landfill - Holy Lamb Organics
Jenica on the couch with her zero waste comforter and light blue cover

Location: Japan

Material: organic cotton + natural indigo dye

Cost: $$

Highlights: GOTS certified

Description: Aizome is unique in that they do not sell fitted sheets. Rather, they sell a bottom sheet using a traditional Japanese method with drawstrings to pull it snug. The end result is a sheet that is TOTALLY plastic free! Their sheets are made from 100% organic cotton and natural indigo dye, producing a beautiful light blue color.

I personally can attest to how lovely these sheets are! I find that they provide a cooling effect and have retained the wonderful indigo color. I have a king bottom sheet with a draw string and king duvet cover. The bottom sheet with a draw string is super cool (but difficult to pull tight on our heavy zero waste mattress).

Location: ?? (I wasn't able to find information on their location)

Materials: eucalyptus, hemp, recycled plastic

Cost: $

Highlights: GRS and FSC certified, carbon offsets for shipping, recycled plastic used in comforter stuffing, donate returns (instead of shipping them back!)

Description: Buffy produces sheets, comforters, and other bedding supplies from a unique blend of recycled plastic from BPA-free PET plastic water bottles, hemp, and eucalyptus. They have publicly committed to creating a closed-loop system for all of their products by 2030. Currently they are actively working to develop a vacuum-sealed compostable package to replace the plastic bag their sheets are shipped in.

They also ask that customers who want to return an item donate it instead! They don't resell the product and it just produces more CO2 emissions to ship it back. They eventually plan to have a system for recycling their products once they're beyond use!

Location: ?? (I wasn't able to find information on their location)

Material: cotton, duck down

Cost: $

Highlights: FSC and GOTS certified, Fair Trade certified, donate $7.50 to charity for every order

Description: SOL Organics is a particularly affordable brand offering a variety of cotton comforters as well as down comforters. Every time someone makes a purchase from their website, they donate their premium ($7.50) to one of four charities. The customer gets to decide which charity to donate to as well!

When we purchased our sheets from Ettitude, it just barely beat SOL Organics out in price (and only because of a special sale). If your budget is tight, SOL Organics will definitely give you the most for your dollar.

Location: California

Materials: wool, cotton, linen

Cost: $$

Highlights: GOTS and GOLS certified, Made Safe, 1% for the Planet, Fair Trade, Climate Beneficial Wool

Description: Coyuchi sells not only bedding but a variety of home items including bathroom towels, apparel, napkins and throw pillows. They provide detailed information on their website about their sustainability program and their material production. They are developing a program that would allow customers to send back their linen sheets to Coyuchi to be recycled - closing the loop completely!

Overall Best Picks

Full disclosure, the below ratings of BEST in a certain category as purely my own subjective determination based on research. It'll give you an idea of where you might want to shop though based on your highest priorities!

Best in Overall Sustainability: Avocado Mattress

Best in Affordability: SOL Organics

Best in Plastic Free: Aizome

Best in Zero Waste (no landfill waste!): Holy Lamb Organics

Best in BIPOC-ownership/Representation: Linoto

Are you ready to snuggle up in bed yet?? Don't forget to check out our list of zero waste comforters and duvets while you're at it!

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