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Zero Waste Wisdom offers workshops, events, and presentations to private businesses, government agencies, farmer's markets, local groups, and any one else looking to learn more about making less waste! Workshops range from 20 minute Q&A sessions to 2-hour hands-on classes.

essential oil pouring into bottle

“Jenica's workshops are welcoming and nonjudgmental spaces, geared towards anyone interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle...Highly recommend for anyone seeking a low-waste, hands-on, creative experience!”

— Emily, participant

DIY beauty product supplies and ingredients

“[Jenica] is higly organized, dynamic speaker who makes living a zero-waste lifestyle attainable to people of all backgrounds...I've already made small changes in my life and I plan on making many more!”

— Bethany, participant

Currently workshops are offered in the western Washington and Oregon areas in person and around the world online!

Workshop topics include:​

  • Zero Waste Living

    • Bulk Shopping​

    • Composting and Recycling

    • Conduct a Waste Audit

  • Zero Waste Classrooms

  • Zero Waste Travel

  • Zero Waste at Work

  • DIY Skin Care

    • Coffee Body Scrub​

    • Hibiscus Body Butter

    • Lip Balm

    • Bath Salts

    • Deodorant

    • Lotion Bars

  • How to Make Reusable Beeswax Wraps

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