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Zero Waste Comforters, Duvets, and Covers

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

I have to say, if you don't have a comforter, you don't know what a good night sleep really is! But seriously, I grew up with comforters on my bed and can't really imagine just using regular blankets. It's like sleeping wrapped up in a cloud!

So when Noah and I upgraded to a king sized bed and our comforter was just too small, I knew I had to replace it with another. Although we buy almost everything secondhand, bedding is one of the few things we get new. The previous comforter was from Costco (which I wasn't about to support again!) so I went on a hunt for zero waste options.

I had already done quite a bit of research on my search for zero waste sheets and a zero waste mattress, so I had a good idea where to start! Below I've listed the best zero waste brands offering comforters, duvets, and their covers - enjoy your night sleep afterwards!

Jenica snuggled in a Ettitude comforter on her couch

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you purchase a product through these links, at no extra cost to you!

Six Companies with Zero Waste Comforters, Duvets, and Covers

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Material: bamboo

Cost: $

Highlights: 1% for the Planet, CO2 neutral website, woman-owned

Description: Ettitude makes sheets out of bamboo lyocell fabric using 100% organic bamboo. The bamboo is sourced from FSC-certified sustainable forests in China. They use a closed-loop system to dissolve the bamboo into pulp, reducing their water use by 98% compared to other methods. They use every inch of their fabric in the manufacturing process, using the leftover pieces to make the reusable draw-string bags their sheets come in.

I have a king sized fitted sheet, mattress pad, and summer weight comforter from Ettitude!

Location: Washington State, USA

Material: wool, cotton, latex

Cost: $$$

Highlights: woman-owned, GOTS, Eco Wool, IAOS certified, Green America

Description: With a Zero Waste Philosophy, Holy Lamb Organics makes sure to use every scrap of material for another purpose. They commit to sending nothing to the landfill and only recycling/composting as a last resort. Their boxes as always cardboard sealed with simply a strip of paper tape. Any plastic that is used to wrap the mattresses is the upcycled plastic that their wool is sent to the factory in!

Location: California

Materials: wool, cotton, linen

Cost: $$

Highlights: GOTS and GOLS certified, Made Safe, 1% for the Planet, Fair Trade, Climate Beneficial Wool

Description: Coyuchi sells not only bedding but a variety of home items including bathroom towels, apparel, napkins and throw pillows. They provide detailed information on their website about their sustainability program and their material production. They are developing a program that would allow customers to send back their linen sheets to Coyuchi to be recycled - closing the loop completely!

Jenica wrapped in her zero waste comforter

Location: ?? (I wasn't able to find information on their location)

Materials: eucalyptus, hemp, recycled plastic

Cost: $

Highlights: GRS and FSC certified, carbon offsets for shipping, recycled plastic used in comforter stuffing, donate returns (instead of shipping them back!)

Description: Buffy produces sheets, comforters, and other bedding supplies from a unique blend of recycled plastic from BPA-free PET plastic water bottles, hemp, and eucalyptus. They have publicly committed to creating a closed-loop system for all of their products by 2030. Currently they are actively working to develop a vacuum-sealed compostable package to replace the plastic bag their sheets are shipped in.

They also ask that customers who want to return an item, donate it instead! They don't resell the product and it just produces more CO2 emissions to ship it back. They eventually plan to have a system for recycling their products once they're beyond use!

Location: ?? (I wasn't able to find information on their location)

Material: cotton, duck down

Cost: $

Highlights: FSC and GOTS certified, Fair Trade certified, donate $7.50 to charity for every order

Description: SOL Organics is a particularly affordable brand offering a variety of cotton comforters as well as down comforters. Every time someone makes a purchase from their website, they donate their premium ($7.50) to one of four charities. The customer gets to decide which charity to donate to as well!

Linoto (covers only)

Location: New York, USA

Material: linen

Cost: $$$

Highlights: Black-owned

Description: Linoto has a specific Zero Waste Policy in place that aims to reduce waste in the manufacturing and shipping of their product. "As part of the Linoto Zero Waste Program, the scraps are kept and recycled into our linen boxer shorts and Household Helpers Treeless Linen Towels. [They] also use the scraps as swatches to send samples to customers."

Linoto unfortunately doesn't sell comforters and duvets but they do sell the covers! So if you're in need of a linen cover to keep your comforter clean, Linoto should definitely be considered!

What are you using on your bed? Have you switched to zero waste sheets and a mattress too?

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