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Zero Waste Underwear Brands

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Are your darling butt cheeks wrapped in zero waste fabric? Because mine sure are! Don't think that you'll have to sacrifice comfort in the name of sustainability because these undies are smoooooth.

Although I buy 95% of my clothes in secondhand shops, I purchase bras, undies, and socks new. I want something that is soft, stretchy, and that doesn't come soaked in toxic chemicals. If you are the same, then you'll definitely want to check out the zero waste underwear brands listed below!

This list includes underwear made from 100% recycled materials, recycled plastic, and natural materials such as cotton and bamboo - and all are incredibly wonderful!

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you purchase a product through these links, at no extra cost to you!

Jenica in her zero waste undies in her living room

Zero Waste Underwear Brands

HQ Location: Australia and California, USA

Material: 100% organic bamboo, nylon, spandex

Cost: $20-40 (plus 20% off with my discount code JENICA20)

Highlights: Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, EcoCert, FSC certified, 1% for the Planet

Description: Boody is an apparel company that originated in Australia. Their bamboo fabric is grown and produced in China and shipped worldwide. Using a closed-loop system, the bamboo is processed into a pulp with nearly all of the water retained. The solvents are also separated from the water after each batch to be used again. The bamboo fabric is mixed with a combination of nylon and spandex, making their bras and undies soft and stretchy.

I have used Boody ankle socks and classic bikini underwear for the last several years. They are the softest underwear I have ever owned! I also just started using their padded shaper bra and am totally in love. It's the perfect combination of sports bra and nipple coverage!

Boody is offering my readers 20% off if you use the coupon code JENICA20 at checkout!

HQ Location: Seattle, Washington USA

Material: RPET (recycled plastic bottles), spandex

Cost: $38-48

Highlights: ReGirlfriend Recycling Program, Fabric from recycled bottle, Fair Trade

Description: Girlfriend Collective was co-founded by Ellie Dihn and Quang Dihn and makes bras, undies, and active wear out of recycled plastic bottles. The post-consumer bottles are collected from Taiwan and then manufactured in Vietnam. Their bras are each made out of 11 water bottles - how cool! They are normalizing using recycled plastic as a material for underwear. The brand also promotes size inclusivity with all of their products ranging from XXS to 6XL.

I have three of Girlfriend Collective's bras that I love! Looking for zero waste bra recommendations, too?

HQ Location: Stores worldwide! Products made in Vietnam

Material: Trino (wool and Eucalyptus fibers)

Cost: $16-20

Sizes: XS - XXXL

Highlights: Certified B-Corp, Carbon neutral business, calculate carbon footprint of each product created, incorporate recycled materials such as plastic bottles, plastic free shipping, Soles4Souls partnership

Description: I first got hooked on Allbirds when I tried out their Wool Sneakers (and then immediately bought two more pairs in different styles!). Allbirds is a Certified B-Corporation that goes above and beyond simple actions to make themselves sustainable. They calculate the carbon footprint for their entire business from manufacturing to shipping to the impact their products have when breaking down. To show their dedication to transparency and their customers, they publish the carbon footprint equivalent of each type of shoe, sock, shirt, and bra they make - allowing customers to directly compare that impact with a typical product!

Allbirds also purchases carbon offsets for all of the company's omissions throughout the year, making them a carbon neutral company. The fabrics they use are also primarily natural fibers such as wool, eucalyptus, sugarcane, and castor bean oil. They also use recycled nylon to give it another life and make all of their shoe laces out of recycled plastic bottles.

Their natural underwear are made out of their Trino fabric which is made from eucalyptus and wool. Although I haven't tried their undies yet, I do have one of their Trino sports bras and it is silky smooth! I'm sure their underwear do not disappoint.

Our mid-rise boyshort features full bottom coverage, silky-soft seams, and a Trino™ lining for natural, next-to-skin breathability that moves with you. Shorties are made of 65% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 28% Merino Wool, and 7% Spandex.

HQ Location: Denmark

Material: organic cotton, TENCEL, SilverTech

Cost: $47-75 (plus % off with code WISDOMOBC)

Highlights: B-Corp, GOTS certified, recycled wool/nylon, carbon neutral

Description: Organic Basics offers a variety of underwear, active wear, lounge wear, and bras. Depending on the type of product you purchase, it'll be made of organic cotton, TENCEL or their fabric called SilverTech. With GOTS Certification and B-Corp Certification, Organic Basics meets high standards of sustainability and social justice. They also offset all of their carbon emissions each year making them a carbon neutral company!

Organic Basics is offering my readers 10% off if you use the coupon code WISDOMOBC at checkout!

Jenica in her zero waste undies shaking out sheets

Location: California, USA

Material: TENCEL

Cost: $59

Highlights: non-Black POC-owned, woman-owned, recycled plastic bottles incorporated

Description: Proclaim is a brand of underwear focused on inclusivity and sustainability. They collect plastic water bottles in the U.S. to turn into recycled polyester and mix it with Tencel (wood pulp) to create a lusciously soft fabric. Their "nude" sets of bras and undies break the typical pattern of "nude" by expanding the definition and providing more skin tone colors.

Proclaim is currently accepting pre-orders!

HQ Location: Colorado, USA

Material: cotton, elastane

Cost: $25-40

Highlights: GOTS certified, Fair Trade certified

Description: In most of their products, the cotton is blended with elastane to create a stretchy feel; meaning that they are not 100% cotton. The main downside to purchasing from Pact is that they individually wrap each underwear in a plastic bag. Although they have recently launched a new "biodegradable" bag, it is still a plastic bag with added organic compounds that supposedly accelerate how quickly the plastic will break down.

HQ Location: Seattle, USA

Material: recycled t-shirts

Cost: $25-30

Highlights: woman-owned, made from old t-shirts!

Description: Up & Undies is a unique company that makes undies from used t-shirts. The owner collects t-shirts with unique images, slogans, brands, etc. and then hand makes them into undies. And don't worry, everything is properly washed and cleaned before being made into underwear! If you have cool t-shirts that you no longer want, reach out to send them her way!

HQ Location: California, USA

Material: hemp, organic cotton, spandex

Cost: $38

Highlights: Green American Certified Business, PETA approved, National Hemp Association Member, sustainable packaging materials

Description: Wama manufactures underwear made with organic hemp and organic cotton along with spandex for the stretchy-ness. Their manufacturing plants are located in China, which is the world's leader in hemp production. Fun fact, did you know hemp fabric has the highest UV rating at 50+SPF? I guess if you're sunbathing in your undies, you can rest easy that your bum won't get burned.

What do you wrap around your bum to keep it warm?

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