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The Ultimate List of Sustainable, Natural Material Slippers

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Don't let cheap, plastic slippers ruin your lovely morning. Your feet deserve to be cozy in a sustainable, high-quality slipper that you can feel good about. We've compiled the best brands out there offering ethically made slippers from natural materials with a focus on sustainability. Which zero waste slipper will you choose?

This post contains affiliate links where I earn a small commission from any sales made through the links at no additional cost to you.

  • Price range: $69-89

  • Sizes: Women's 5-14 US (35-44 EU); Men's 7-15.5 US (40-48 EU)

  • Materials: wool, vegetable-tanned leather

  • HQ Location: Virginia, USA

  • Materials sourced from: Kyrgyzstan (wool)

  • Manufactured in: Kyrgyzstan

  • Highlights: Certified Climate Neutral; 1% for the Planet; 0% wool wasted

I own Kyrgies Tengries in grey size 11 and Noah owns their Kyrgies Classic Slipper in blue! You can read all about why Kyrgies are my favorite zero waste slipper.

Allbirds wool dwellers sustainable slipper in grey

  • Price range: $65

  • Sizes: S-XXL (specific shoe size not specified)

  • Materials: wool scraps, certified recycled polyester, rubber soles

  • HQ Location: California, USA

  • Materials sourced from: Unknown

  • Manufactured in: Busan, South Korea

  • Highlights: FSC Certified natural rubber, GRS Certified recycled polyester, Certified B-Corp

These slippers are machine washable and come in one style. They are available in two colors, grey and orange.

  • Price range: $50-66

  • Sizes: Women's 6-10 US; Men's 8-13 US

  • Materials: faux-fur, faux-wool, foam, 30% recycled rubber sole

  • HQ Location: California, USA

  • Materials sourced from: Unknown

  • Manufactured in: Vietnam

  • Highlights: Vegan materials; 4.9kg / pair carbon emissions; 1% of sales towards grassroots water projects

These slippers are machine washable with an outdoor sole. They come in two styles for men's and women's and they are only available in one color (charcoal for men; oatmeal for women).

  • Price range: $69-79

  • Sizes: EU 35-47 (~Women's 5 to Men's 13 US)

  • Materials: wool, natural crepe rubber

  • HQ Location: Switzerland

  • Materials sourced from: New Zealand (wool)

  • Manufactured in: Nepal

  • Certifications: Certified B-Corp

These slippers cannot be machine washed or worn outside because of the material. They come in two styles that are gender neutral and are available in 10+ colors.

  • Price range: $69-110

  • Sizes: Women's 5-11 US; Men's 7-15 US (36-46 EU)

  • Materials: wool, polyamide, rubber sole

  • HQ Location: Austria

  • Materials sourced from: Uruguay (wool)

  • Manufactured in: Vietnam or China

  • Highlights: 0% wool wasted; 90% water recycled; machines operated by 100% renewable resources

These slippers come in four different gender-neutral styles with 10+ colors available and dyed using food coloring. They are machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius.

  • Price range: $110-215

  • Sizes: 36-41 UK (~

  • Materials: wool, vegetable-tanned leather, cork, latex, natural rubber

  • HQ Location: Germany

  • Materials sourced from: Italy (leather), UK/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa/China/ South America (wool)

  • Manufactured in: Nepal or Portugal

  • Highlights: leather is a by-product of food production only

These slippers come in 5 different styles ranging from slip-ons to Birkenstock style. They come in around 5 different colors depending on the style. They are not machine washable.

Mahabis wool slippers in grey and yellow
  • Price range: $109-180

  • Sizes: Women's 5-12.5; Men's 6-13.5 (EU 36-48)

  • Materials: ReWooly recycled felt, EcoCert organic wool, natural rubber, foam, neoprene, cork

  • HQ Location: United Kingdom

  • Materials sourced from: Italy (wool & ReWooly recycled felt)

  • Manufactured in: Portugal (90%)

  • Highlights: One tree planted for every pair purchased; take-back program to recycle used pairs (UK only); offset personal/professional carbon footprints for their "team" through Ecologi; 100% recycled cardboard boxes with no glue/plastic;

Mahabis slippers come in 5 different styles with 12+ colors across them to choose from. They are machine washable and have rubber soles that can withstand walking outside.

rikumo yellow canvas slippers

Price range: $66-82

  • Sizes: S-XL (~Women's <6-11.5 US; Men's <7-11)

  • Materials: organic cotton, linen, wool, polyurethane, Sasawashi fabric, polyester

  • HQ Location: Philadelphia, USA

  • Materials sourced from: Unknown

  • Manufactured in: Japan

  • Highlights:

Rikumo slippers come in 6 different gender neutral styles with 4 colors to choose from (although some styles only have one color option). They cannot be machine washed and are for indoor use only.

Feelgoodz men's slippers in dark blue navy stripes

  • Price range: $35-38

  • Sizes: XS-L (Women's 5-11 US); M-XL (Men's 8-14)

  • Materials: woven fabric, faux sherpa, foam, natural rubber, recycled rice husk

  • HQ Location:

  • Materials sourced from: Vietnam (woven fabric); Thailand (natural rubber)

  • Manufactured in: Vietnam, Thailand, India, Nepal

  • Highlights:

Feelgoodz slippers come in 3 styles for women and 2 styles for men each with four color options. They cannot be machine washed and are for indoor use only.

Toms multi-colored sustainable slipper mens


  • Price range: $54-64

  • Sizes: Women's 5-12 US; Men's 7-14 US

  • Materials: faux fur, faux shearling, rubber, canvas, plant-derived/recycled materials, sugarcane, plant dye

  • HQ Location:

  • Materials sourced from: Unknown

  • Manufactured in: China, Vietnam, Cambodia

  • Highlights: Certified B-Corp; Fair Labor Association; Leather Working Group; Canopy; 1/3 of profits for grassroots projects supporting equity

Toms slippers come in 14 different styles for men and women with each style offering 1-4 color options. Some styles are suitable for use outdoors and can be machine washed.

What brand of slippers do you have? Do you know what they're made of?

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lekor adams
lekor adams
01 de mar.

Creating the ultimate list of sustainable, natural material slippers echoes the ethos of Strauss LA and STRAUSS, the German family enterprise renowned for its dedication to durable technical workwear since 1948. Strauss's commitment to quality, symbolized by its iconic red ostrich logo, has long distinguished it as a beacon of innovation and sustainability within the European creative class. By prioritizing slippers made from natural, eco-friendly materials, this list not only aligns with Strauss's values of durability and high standards but also promotes environmental responsibility and the welfare of our planet. Each pair of slippers on this list represents a step towards a more sustainable future, reflecting the same commitment to excellence and care for the environment that has been a…

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