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50+ Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Anyone

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Whether you're a zero waster yourself or know someone who is, this list is for anyone and everyone buying gifts this holiday season. There are many lovely gifts out there that are eco-friendly, plastic free, and promote waste reduction that are practical whether or not someone actively practices a sustainable lifestyle.

So whether you choose to make something at home or buy a gift off this list, just make sure you think about who you are giving it to and whether they will use it. Buying a gift that is used over and over and truly loved is the best way to reduce its impact and make sure the receiver will be thanking you for years to come!

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This post contains affiliate links. We earn a small commission from purchasing through the links, at no extra cost to you!

50+ Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Anyone

Hydroflask purple reusable mug

Starting off with the basics, a reusable coffee cup is the perfect gift for any coffee or tea drinker. This adorable purple mug even has a handle that makes it ideal for carrying around with gloves on a cold morning.

metal tiffin set

This metal tiffin set replaces the need for disposable ziplocs in a packed lunch. Gift this to anyone who works in an office or anyone sending lunches to school with kids.

Jade plastic free yoga mat

Jade yoga makes gorgeous silicone yoga mats that are 100% free of plastic and toxic chemicals. They even have styles in extra long and extra wide to give you more space to stretch out.

recycled paper planner

This simple yet beautiful planner is made from recycled paper. For anyone who needs to keep track of meetings and events, this is a lovely gift choice.

These beeswax wraps are made with cotton cloth, beeswax, and oil that creates a slightly sticky and moldable fabric that can be used to cover up leftovers or half-eaten fruits. You can then rinse them off with water and gentle soap and reuse them again.

Caraway non-stick pans in perracotta color

Did you know that 90% of non-stick pans on the market have toxic teflon in them? Caraway makes safe, sustainable pans and cookware that are non-stick without teflon. They come in gorgeous colors including red, yellow, white, green, and grey!

Upgrade from tossing compost scraps in a yogurt container to take out to the curb and place a gift a beautiful stainless steel bin instead. This compost bin makes a gorgeous addition to any kitchen. Add a charcoal filter and it keeps smells to a minimum!

sisal woven fair trade coasters

These woven coasters are made out of sisal and dyed by steeping the sisal fibers in leaves. They're Fair Trade and sold by Made Trade, which is a climate neutral business and 1% for the Planet contributor.

Eco-friendly headphones by House of Marley black and brown

These headphones are made of 70% bio-plastic and recycled silicone. The company, House of Marley, also plants one tree for every pair sold. The headphones come in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.

compostable phone case by pelacase with butterfly pattern

Pelacase makes 100% back-yard compostable phone cases in a variety of styles and colors. If you don't have composting at home, you can ship your old/damaged phone case back to them and they'll compost it themselves. I have a Pelacase on my iPhone 10 in a jade green color with a turtle image.

sunglasses made from recycled tires

These sunglasses don't just look stunning - they ARE stunning! Made from recycled tires, they provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, cheap sunglasses.

Sol Organics sustainable bed sheets in blue

100% organic cotton sheets can be an awesome gift (I'd love it if I got them!). You'll be gifting someone a lovely night's sleep on ultra soft sheets made sustainably and without harmful chemicals that might off gas.

silicone reusable stasher bags clear

For the amateur chef (or really anyone who cooks or has leftovers!), these reusable silicone bags are durable and keep leftovers fresh for longer. You don't have to worry about your ziplocs breaking all the time! These can be washed and reused - and come in a variety of fun colors!

Tax the Rich candle with AOC

This candle is made from 100% beeswax with no harmful additives. That means no chemicals are leaching into the air as you burn it. Those political activists will find this candle puts a smile on their faces! And yes, we REALLY need to tax the rich.

cold brew coffeesock kit

Coffee aficionado? Give them a fun kit where they can make their own cold brew - zero waste style! The coffee sock is reusable so this kit will provide them endless opportunities to perfect their craft.

Wool and leather slippers by Kyrgies grey

Nothing says winter more like a cup of hot chocolate and cozy slippers next to the fireplace. These slippers are made from 100% wool felt with naturally dyed leather soles. I gave my husband a pair for the holidays last year and my mom a pair this year!

rockwell safety razor in pink

This gorgeous safety razor can be for anyone on your list who shaves (it also comes in steel and gray colors). A safety razor can be included in a fancy self-care basket or given to someone who already uses ones that's just a little bit too rusted.

recycled polyester dog waste bag dispenser with hook

Anyone with pets on your list? This adorable dog waste bag dispenser is made with 100% recycled polyester. Simply refill the pouch with more waste bags and add a few treats in the back pocket before the next walk. Oh! And it also conveniently hooks onto a belt loop or purse.

Tiny hands need big crayons! These crayons are made with beeswax and safe color dyes so they're completely non-toxic. They also come in completely plastic free packaging.

Axiology lip to lip balmies

Balmies are the most versatile cosmetic item to add to a makeup bag. Use them as a lip gloss, cheek color, or dab on your eyelids! They also come 100% plastic free in a cute cardboard case.

Solmate socks water crew cut

These warm (and vibrant!) socks by Solmate Socks are made from recycled cotton, recycled polyester, nylon, and lycra. They're also made right here in the USA and come in four different sizes!

Feeling Kooshoo plastic free hair ties cotton

These hair ties are made 100% plastic free and designed to be fully compostable! If composted at home, Feeling Kooshoo estimates it will take seven years to fully break down. They come in a variety of colors including sets designed for black, brown, blonde, and ginger hair.

blue recycled leather bike bag with removable straps

This gorgeous blue bike bag is made from 100% recycled leather. With three removable straps, it can be used as a shoulder bag, bike bag, or a tiny backpack!

Add a game to the game closet with this sustainably-made Jenga! Each block is made from 100% fishing nets captured from the ocean.

green and purple cotopaxi recycled nylon chalk bag

Have any climbers or boulder-ers (is that a word??) in the family? This cut chalk bag is made from 100% recycled nylon. It has an easy open top, draw string, and clip to hook on wherever it's needed.

compostable bandaids by patch coconut oil

Who wouldn't want these adorable band aids with pandas on them? They're made to be 100% compostable both in industrial composting facilities and backyard compost bins.

wool dryer balls penguin decoration reusable

Dryer balls are designed to replace dryer sheets - saving you both money and waste. They are also known to reduce drying time by moving around the clothes. Besides, these cute penguins will have everyone in the family wanting to do the laundry!

set of five sprout pencils

Give the gift of a pencil AND a plant this year with Sprout pencils. At the tip of each pencil is a pod with a seed inside. Once all the graphite is used up, simply follow the instructions by placing the tip in the ground and watering. Watch what grows!

keychain bottle open made from stainless steel and wood with mountain image

This gorgeous keychain bottle opener is made from stainless steel and sustainably harvested wood in the USA. With a subtle image of a mountain on it, this keychain can pop on to your bike, purse strap, or set of keys for whenever you're out and want a to grab a beer or soda!

refillable bamboo blue gel pen

Refillable pens make writing papers, journaling, and doing homework more enjoyable! Well, at least they do for ME. This stylish pen is made from bamboo and can be used indefinitely by replacing the cartridges with more ink!

Don't underestimate the popularity of a comfy sweatshirt as a gift. Especially when it's made by a Certified B-Corp and organic cotton! TenTree makes a wide selection of sweatshirts and hoodies from plain colors to patterns. I have light blue crewneck and an oversized black hoodie!

Holy Lamb Organics zero waste wool comforter

Holy Lamb Organics makes incredibly high-quality wool mattresses, pillows, and bedding. Their wool comforter comes in three different "weights" for different temperatures and includes tie strings in each corner to secure it to your duvet cover.

scoria cork massage balls

Give these cork massage balls to anyone who works out, has tight muscles, loves yoga, or simply has been stressed lately and could use a way to decompress! Made of natural cork, these balls come in a set of three with two medium and one large to roll up and down your body.

decomposition book with graphic design and recycled paper

These composition notebooks are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and can be recycled at the end of their life. They're printed with a unique graphic design on the cover using soy-based inks.

smooth sailing skincare set

This set contains four different skincare serums, perfect for those figuring out what their skin needs most! They're packaged in glass bottles with the option to send back the tops to EarthHero to be recycled when they're empty. They're also made in a solar-powered facility in Utah!

green compostable airpods case

Pelacase doesn't just make phone cases - they make cases for iPads and Air Pods, too! Their cases are 100% compostable and come in a variety of colors.

Boody bamboo socks

These socks and undies made from bamboo are the SOFTEST underwear you will ever own. I ask for these every couple years as a stocking stuffer! Use the code JENICA20 to get 20% off your purchase!

Reed + Gwen Reishi Body Melt

This body butter simply melts into your skin when rubbed in! Did you know that reishi is a type of mushroom and the secret ingredient? It's scented with lavender, sage, citrus, and cedar.

Marleys monsters reusable cloth wipes

Marlys Monsters makes gorgeous unpaper towels, cloth wipes, dish clothes, and really anything you would use a cloth to clean! They come in a variety of patterns including prints, holiday additions, and plain colors. We have a set of these cloth wipes that we use as napkins in our kitchen!

glass reusable boba tea straw

Boba lover? Give them a glass or metal straw to make their cup of boba stand out! Say no to the straw next time and save some plastic waste.

HiBAR solid shampoo bar gift

Surprise a friend with something new! Trying a solid shampoo bar can be such a fun experience and a way to introduce somebody to the benefit of reusables over disposables. These HiBAR shampoo bars last ages and come in a fun colors like blue and orange!

algae face mask

42. Algae Face Mask

This face mask by Blue Crush is made with algae to firm and tighten the skin. It also uses bentonite clay with draws out impurities. All packaged in a cute little glass jar!

bamboo travel utensil kit

This zero waste bamboo utensil kit contains a fork, spoon, knife, and a set of chopsticks. All of them fit neatly into a green carrying case with a velcro closure.

aromatherapy sleep aid kit

Know someone who is having trouble sleeping? Working long hours? Simply stressed with all that is happening in the world? Gift them a set of aromatherapy sleeping sprays and rollers.

non-toxic nail polish light pink

Most nail polishes have many toxic chemicals in them. Thankfully there are a few companies making gorgeous colors that are free of harmful ingredients and safer for the planet.

EarthHero conserve restore revive jigsaw puzzle

Puzzle lover? This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle will give them a challenge! It also comes with glue so they can make it a permanent art piece when finished!

Dropps zero waste laundry pods

Dropps make an alternative to traditional laundry pods - these come 100% plastic free in little cardboard boxes and are held together with plant-based film. You can buy just a pack or sign someone up for a subscription to be regularly delivered! Oh! And they also sell dishwasher detergent and scent pods if you like your clothes extra smelly out of the wash.

LastSwab in container light blue open

Have a chronic q-tip user in the family? Introduce them to a LastSwab and change their daily habits! Completely washable and reusable, it will eliminate the use of disposable cotton swabs.

cora microfiber laundry ball

Every time you do the laundry tiny piece of plastic fiber is released into the water system. Cora Balls are designed to be placed in the laundry machine and gather up these tiny fibers - catching 25% of them!

SAOLA shoes made from recycled plastic water bottles

These sleek sneakers are made from recycled plastic water bottles, natural cork, algae foam, and organic cotton. Each pair of shoes has 3 to 4 plastic water bottles in them. The makers, SAOLA, also donate 1% of of their profits to a wildlife fund. The shoes come in men's and women's sizing and three different colors.

What zero waste gifts are you giving this year? Don't forget to also wrap your presents with eco-friendly wrapping paper!

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