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50 Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Anyone

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Whether you're a zero waster yourself or know someone who is, this list is for anyone and everyone buying gifts this holiday season. There are many lovely gifts out there that are eco-friendly, plastic free, and promote waste reduction (without your whole family calling you a hippie for giving them!).

When I'm giving gifts, I always make sure to look for a gift second hand first or make one myself! Handcrafted gifts are really personal and add a nice touch to the usual plastic wrapped packages under the tree.

So whether you choose to make something at home or buy a gift off this list, just make sure you think about who you are giving it to and whether they will use it. Buying a gift that is used over and over and truly loved is the best way to reduce its impact and make sure the receiver will be thanking you for years to come!

Zero Waste Gifts Ideas

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50 Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Anyone

1. Reusable coffee cup

2. Metal tiffin set

3. A set of lovely napkins

4. A gift card to a local cooking class

5. Beeswax wrap

6. Wood or bamboo cutting boards

7. Plants!

8. Reusable water bottle

9. Homemade jam, jelly, and cookies

10. Compostable phone case

Zero Waste Gifts

11. Sunglasses made from skate boards

12. Sustainable bed sheets

13. Wood kitchen tools

14. Homemade lip balm

15. A french press for coffee

16. Bath balms and bath salts

17. A safety razor

18. Rechargeable battery set

19. Wooden comb

20. Eco-friendly cosmetics

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

21. Earth friendly socks

22. Plastic free hair ties

23. Chocolate bars by Tony's Chocolonely

24. CSA subscription

25. Gift card to the farmers market

26. Bamboo bandaids by Patch

27. Wool dryer balls by Bog Berry

28. Plastic free planner

29. Board games

30. Highlighter pencils or colored pencils

31. Stapleless stapler

32. Sustainably produced wool comforter

33. Wood cutting boards

34. Plastic free laundry pods

35. Bicycle lock/light (or bike!)

36. Cloth produce bags

37. Super soft, sustainable undies

38. Reusable grocery bags

39. Cute unpaper towels by Marley's Monsters

40. Metal straws

Zero Waste Gifts

41. Shampoo bars

42. Owl kitchen scrubber

43. Bamboo travel utensil set

44. Candles

45. Local pottery

46. Christmas ornaments from local artists

47. Cookies!

48. Reusable bowl covers

49. Insulated lunch box

50. Eco-sneakers made from all natural materials by Allbirds

What are you getting your family and friends for Christmas? How are you keeping it zero waste? Don't forget to also wrap your present with eco-friendly wrapping paper!

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