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#OneJarChallenge - October 2016

There is always room for improvement! Even with minuscule amounts of trash in my jar each month, I made another record of just 0.5 ounces (half an ounce!). It’s not much. Like literally. It’s a tiny amount of trash.

Trash Jar October 2016

My trash jar:

  • 4 bottle seals

  • 3 tea bag wrappers

  • 3 stickers from folders

  • 1 Amazon package receipt

  • 1 plant marker

  • 1 butter wrapper

  • 1 medicine bottle seal

  • A handful of jar seals

  • A few clothing tags

So I should be cheering! But recently I have been feeling like what I am doing is not enough. I am so small in this world – how can a small amount of trash reduction make a difference? The recent election also did not help those feelings. With so many government officials denying climate change, it is hard to keep hope that the actions I do every day will have any great effect. It can be quite depressing at times.

And although I have not found a way to return my optimism as I had before, I am determined to continue onward. This coming week I have my first class and I hope not to completely depress my students! The class is hosted through my local community food coop and will focus on sustainable practices in the bathroom. If you are interested in seeing the class description, you can click on it here! If all goes well, my students will walk away excited about pursuing a zero waste life and inadvertently help re-establish the vigor I have felt in practices a zero waste life style.

Until then I continue to learn more, to do more, and to stay informed about climate change even when it seems like the odds are against us all…

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