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#OneJarChallenge - September 2015

This last month, September, I only produced 0.7 ounces of trash! Everything, besides what is featured in this photo, was reused, recycled, or composted. That is a record for me! Hopefully I can continue with these low numbers next month too!

Trash Jar September 2015

A few days ago my sister asked me, “How do you produce so little trash when you have to buy food?” I laughed and said, “It’s not easy!” The truth is we live in a culture that thrives off of one-use items. And that includes all of our food to! I have to be very careful to not buy packaged foods. And in those cases when I do, it must be in a recyclable container or with very good reason. Cheese, for example? Very difficult for me to find without plastic wrapping. I have been able to locate some cheese at the local farmers market that I buy on occasion but it is out of my budget by quite a ways. That’s why you may notice that two of the wrappings in my jar this month are cheese wrappers. So if anybody knows of a local supplier close to Bellingham, WA that may be able to hook me up? I will gladly hear about it!

But after I laughed and said, “It’s not easy!” I turned to my sister and said with every bit of my heart, “But it’s worth it.” And that’s what keeps me going! I truly believe that with time the small difference that I am making each month will grow into a big enough difference to make great change. So I buy as little cheese as possible and research alternatives to use! If I can produce only 0.7 ounces of trash, then why can’t you?

If you want to join in my challenge, send me pictures of your trash jars! Post them on Facebook and Instagram! For other zero-wasters out there, your progress can be inspiring! Just like I hope my progress is for you!

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