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Zero Waste Toilet Paper Brands

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Not all toilet paper is created equally! In fact, it's important to look for toilet paper that's made with limited chemicals and in a sustainable way. We use a lot of toilet paper throughout the year so the impact adds up. For an eco-friendly version, look into companies offering zero waste toilet paper made from 100% recycled material and with plastic free packaging.

Skip the TP - use a bidet!

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that toilet paper isn't always available. There are alternatives to toilet paper however. Bidets are a wonderful addition to your bathroom and provide you with an easy way to get everything clean. Many people use bidets with toilet paper for drying but you can also skip it altogether and shake dry or use a cloth (similar to drying off after a shower!).

Where does your TP go?

It's a common myth that toilet paper just disappears down the drain and returns to the earth. Although toilet paper is typically made from paper, it may also include chemicals, bleach, artificial scents, and even coloring/sparkles (yep! That's a thing!). Septic systems have specific requirements for toilet paper as some just simply don't break down fast enough to avoid clogs. In public systems, toilet paper needs to be filtered out along with waste material.

It's estimated that toilet paper out in nature will take between 1-3 years to decompose. Makes you think twice about your business outside when camping doesn't it?

pile of Who Gives a Crap toilet paper

This post may contain affiliate links for products I recommend. A small commission is earned off of any purchases through the links.

HQ Location: Los Angeles, USA; Melbourne, Australia

Material: 100% recycled paper 3-ply or premium bamboo 3-ply

Cost: $52 for 48 rolls

Highlights: Certified B-Corp, Donate 50% of their profits to build toilets, plastic free packaging

Description: Who Gives a Crap (WGAC) started in 2013 and is well known for its potty humor and jokes. They sell toilet paper made from either 100% post-consumer recycled paper or using premium bamboo. Shipped right to your door, the boxes come with funny quotes on the side and are completely plastic free. Each roll is wrapped in colorful tissue paper that makes wonderful eco-friendly gift wrap as an added bonus!

WGAC also donates 50% of their profits to build toilets throughout the world. Did you know more people in the world have cell phones than toilets?

HQ Location: California, USA

Material: 100% bamboo

Cost: $29.99 for 24 rolls

Highlights: Black-owned business, plastic free packaging

Description: Reel Paper Co. makes 100% bamboo toilet paper that is shipped straight to your door. The boxes are completely plastic free with even their tape made of paper rather than plastic. You can sign up for shipments in 4, 8, or 12 week increments or simply buy a box as a one time purchase.

Did you know that bamboo can grow 3 feet in just 24 hours? It's the fastest growing plant on the planet!

Although Reel doesn't specify exactly how they give back, they partner with the organization SOIL that works in Haiti providing toilets and turning waste safely back into compost.

HQ Location: Netherlands

Material: 100% recycled paper

Cost: 18,94 (euros) for a box of 24

Highlights: Donates 50% of profits; offers a wrapless option, plastic free packaging

Description: The Good Roll is based out of the Netherlands and is a good choice for those living in Europe. They also specify that their toilet paper is made in Europe using European paper! Unlike most toilet paper companies, they even give the option of shipping the toilet paper completely wrapless! A giant cardboard box with arrive at your doorstep with simply toilet paper inside packed together.

The Good Roll also donates 50% of its profits to the Simavi Foundation that constructs toilets in East Africa.

5 Zero Waste Toilet Paper Companies pinterest pin

HQ Location:

Material: 100% bamboo

Cost: $69 for 36 rolls

Highlights: plastic free packaging

Description: Hello Tushy started out as a bidet company and then later on launched a bamboo toilet paper line to go with. Their bidets receive incredible reviews online but their toilet paper seems honestly a little pricey compared to the other brands listed above. I'd check them out if you have no other options or really feel drawn to supporting this company!

More than anything though, go peek at their bidets as cleaning with a bidet is a much better sustainability choice anyways!

HQ Location: California, USA

Material: 100% bamboo

Cost: $46 for 48 rolls

Highlights: Woman-owned business, soy based inks, plastic free packaging

Description: No. 2 was founded by Samira Far in 2018 so it's relatively new on the market. Right away, they stand out because they use soy based inks on all their packaging and their wrappers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. The toilet paper itself if 3-ply bamboo. They also specify that their toilet paper is produced in China and the bamboo is specifically sourced from Sichuan province. Other brands featured on this list do not necessarily have quite as much transparency in their websites.

No. 2 TP is also the most affordable option on this list. Their packaging is gorgeous with super fun patterns that go above and beyond simple colors.

Done with TP all together? It's time to try a bidet!

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