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Sustainable, Zero Waste Companies Offering Discounts this Black Friday (2020)

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

See the updated list for 2021 Zero Waste Sales!

This coming Friday is Black Friday here in the U.S. which is a "holiday" after Thanksgiving marked by massive lines at stores, overconsumption, and serious marketing. Although I've written about how I participated in Black Friday as a kid growing up, I don't go out and shop as an adult anymore. Black Friday is simply not environmentally friendly when we buy things we don't need.

That doesn't mean however that there aren't ethical, green companies out there that are offering sales during Black Friday! With a little planning ahead, you can purchase things for yourself and others from these zero waste companies with a much smaller environmental footprint.

This post contains affiliate links where I earn a small commission on any purchases made through them.

Shop Online and Stay Home

Especially with coronavirus still a huge risk in the U.S. and on the rise, it's important for everyone to stay home. Whether or not Walmart is open doesn't mean you should be rushing the doors to get trampled (and infected).

Instead, there are many companies offering discounts online! This doesn't mean I recommend you simply purchase these things to try to unsuccessfully shop away your winter blues however. On the contrary! Overconsumption is never eco-friendly and never zero waste. Buy what you need.

Below is a list of sustainable, green, eco-friendly companies offering discounts that you might have been eyeing. Or you have a particular person in mind who you still haven't picked out the right gift for. In those cases, please take advantage of the discounts offered!

Give Back What You Saved

Then donate the money you saved to feed the hungry! Seriously. 54 million people across the U.S. are going hungry this week. Donate to Food Lifeline or simply send a contribution to @Jenica-Barrett on Venmo. All proceeds will go towards the COVID Mutual Aid Group in Seattle to purchase groceries. You can see what the donations are purchasing by following me on Instagram and Facebook this week.

zero waste companies offering Black Friday sales

Zero Waste Supplies

This is the one stop shop for all things zero waste! Earth Hero has an amazing collection of zero waste brands all in one place for you to access. You'll find StasherBags, beeswax wraps, shampoo bars, Phytoseed Nutrients, River Organics, and so many more of my favorite things! They are offering 15% off their "gifts" section so make sure to shop there.

Similar to Earth Hero but not quite as expansive, you'll find a variety of plastic free and zero waste supplies here!

One of the original zero waste online stores, Life Without Plastic has a huge array of plastic free items for your home and kitchen. You'll find most items are made from metal, wood, or bamboo to ensure no greenwashing is happening with supposedly "compostable" plastics.

Klean Kanteen is a classic zero waste water bottle. If it's time to upgrade or gift one to a reluctant plastic water bottle user, take advantage of this discount!

Clothing & Apparel

If you've been eyeing Girlfriend Collective's luxurious leggings and bras, now is the time to get some! They are offering 30% off from now through 12/01. I have my eye on two more Paloma bras in black and green!

You read that right! Allbirds is actually RAISING their prices by $1 this year in an effort to raise money to fight the climate crisis. The anti-Black Friday movement has been growing strong and Allbirds is making a point of keeping their eco-friendly shoes from falling into the "over consumption" trap.

That being said, I absolutely love Allbirds and still think they are worth buying (even at $1 more!) and make great gifts. I have three pairs right now and don't think I'll ever go back to regular "plastic" sneakers.

Organic Basics sells cotton underwear and bras made from organic cotton. Today they are donating 10 euros from every purchase towards planting regenerative cotton farms!

Boody Wear offers deliciously soft socks and underwear made from bamboo fabric. These are definitely going in my fiancé's stocking this year!

zero waste companies offering Black Friday sales

Cosmetics/Skin Care

The Lip Bar is my newest cosmetic love! They make simple, easy products that are designed to be applied quickly. They made my top list of cosmetic brands for their diversity and representation in the cosmetic field as well.

Kjaer Weis has some really cool refillable cosmetic products!

Zao is often called the "luxury" zero waste brand because it's a little pricey - so good to get when there is a sale.

Depending on where you live, you might not be thinking about sunscreen. But if you have sunny days ahead (or a lot of skiing on reflective snow!), now is a good time to stock up on sunscreen while it's on sale.

Kooshoo makes the world's first totally plastic free hair tie! If you're tired of plastic hair ties that snap, these are very durable.

Household Items

Although buying laundry detergent doesn't seem like the most exciting thing, you'll be surprised how nice it feels to get these plastic free pods in the mail. Your clothes will smell heavenly without heavy chemical scents!

Marley's Monsters sells the most absolutely beautiful Unpaper Towels as well as cloth wipes, make-up remover mads, and cleaning towels. The designs will simply make you smile!

Sol Organics is having a sale so if your bedding needs replaced, they have lovely sheets, comforters, and pillows you can check out.

Lilybee makes the BEST reusable beeswax wraps to replace plastic wrap in your kitchen!

Personal Care

These are just about the cutest stocking stuffers! And a fantastic replacement to disposable tissues.

Dentallace offers compostable floss in Vite little glass containers - no plastic in sight!

Gladrags makes incredibly high quality reusable menstruales pads and sells menstrual cups too!

Thinx offers reusable menstrual undies in all different styles including hiphuggers, thongs, bikinis!


PelaCase makes phone cases that are 100% compostable! They make a really fascinating conversation starter around the table on why composting is important.

Do you know of other sales and discounts happening this week by some of your favorite zero waste companies? Comment below or send me an email at to get them added to this list!

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Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter
23 de abr.

Thanks for sharing this insightful article! It's refreshing to see companies embracing sustainability, especially during Black Friday where consumption tends to skyrocket. For those interested in diving deeper into the topic or perhaps even exploring ways to integrate sustainability into their own businesses, I highly recommend checking out They offer excellent resources and research papers that can help deepen our understanding of sustainable practices and their impact on the environment.

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