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February 2019 Waste Audit

February is over so I gathered up my trash and took a look at what I made this month. It's quite the mixed bag! It totaled 5.5 ounces of trash and contains a mix of items I bought knowing they would make waste (i.e. cheese) and others that I sourced second hand and gave new life to, but also had some trash come with them. Like the coffee bag! I got some very old coffee grounds off of my local Buy Nothing Group to use in the body scrub I make at workshops. The coffee had slowly lost its flavor so the owner was going to throw it out. I gave it a second life! But it also came in a plastic coffee bag I now have to throw out.

There is a balance to being "zero waste". We have to keep in mind the larger picture and realize that sometimes using plastic and making waste, doesn't mean it's "bad". Sometimes the benefit of giving something a second life or buying something that will last a long time or simply investing in a quality product, even if it has plastic, will outweigh the plastic ending up in the landfill one day. We all need to find this balance to create a lifestyle that is sustainable, both for us and the planet.

February 2019 Waste Audit

February 2019 Waste Audit:

  • bus passes

  • receipts

  • two hair ties

  • pine resin bag

  • box of peaches case

  • straw

  • milk bottle seals

  • cheese wrapper

  • Twist sponge wrapper

  • duct tape pieces

  • laminate pieces

  • coffee bag

  • handmade card with glue

  • yogurt yeast packet

  • parking pass

  • orange candy package

  • envelope window

  • tea package

  • owl sticker

  • vitamin seal

  • Ripple milk seal

  • two staples

  • Well Earth Goods sticker

  • Brie sticker

  • feminine hygiene product

What are you throwing out this month?

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