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Trash Jar November 2018

In November I made a total of 6.8 ounces of household waste. What isn't represented here in the waste I made while visiting my parents for the holidays (as well as many other upstream and non-visible waste things). The tricky part about the holidays is that a lot of us visit with people that don't necessarily practice the same lifestyle, and that means we have to compromise.

I am happy to say though that this year I offered to help my mom make Green Bean Casserole and we made the crunchy onions from scratch! It wasn't a zero waste Thanksgiving or a vegetarian one by any means, but I did the little things that I could to keep pushing us forward while also enjoying time with family.

Trash Jar November 2018

So, what's in my jar this month?

  • Annie's mac and cheese packet ( was so good!)

  • A "speaker" sticker from a presentation

  • Parking passes

  • Bus tickets

  • A receipt from recycling plastic film

  • Chocolate bar foil

  • Tape

  • Make-up brush packaging

  • Envelope window

  • Receipts

  • String from clothing

  • Toothpick decorations

  • Movie ticket stubs

  • Yogurt seal

  • Card packaging

  • Sauce bottle seal

I'm getting really excited to start my Buy Nothing New Resolution for 2019! I'll be posting on that soon so stay tuned!

#TrashJar #OneJarChallenge #wasteaudit

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