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Crunchi Eco-Friendly Cosmetics

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

One of the first things I looked at when going zero waste was the skin care and cosmetic products I used. Growing up as a teen, I didn't wear a lot of makeup at all. I started wearing mascara and eye liner at about sixteen but it wasn't until college that I started exploring foundations, blushes, and powders. I did, however, use a ton of lotions, facial sprays, toners, and body products. I was basically an addict when it came to buying different types of soaps!

Since going zero waste, I've taken a step back and tried to find a balance between using products I love and also taking care of the environment and my health. One of the things I found difficult though was finding a product that could be safe but also give me the result I was wanting. I have tried many brands over the last several years with all of them having products I liked, but also others that I didn't. That was why I was so excited when Fatima , from Kind Heart Adventures LLC, approached me about trying out the cosmetic line Crunchi.

Crunchi Cosmetics

This post is sponsored by Crunchi by Kind Heart Adventures LLC.

Dedicated to safe cosmetics

When I first started looking into Crunchi, it stood out to me because it was founded not by beauty industry queens, but by a nurse practitioner and a mom. These woman weren't interested in shoving a cosmetic line down your face to make you think you aren't pretty as is. They saw a real need for safe cosmetics that don't contribute to the risk of cancer or diseases. EWG Skin Deep is a data base that rates skin care and cosmetic products based on how safe the ingredients are. Crunchi's products get a 1-2 rating, with 1 being the safest and 10 being the worst. That was important to me because when deciding what to put on my skin (the largest organ I have!), I didn't want to put my health at risk.

Their products really work

For the last three weeks I have been using Crunchi's liquid foundation and application brush with their finishing powder. What can be especially hard about liquid foundation is matching your color, especially if you want a full-coverage look. In the past I have had to choose lighter foundations that blend into my skin (too much) because I just can't find that right match. With Crunchi though, I was able to get a full coverage look without compromising on my skin tone! I also finished it off with a lovely powder to keep my foundation set all day long. Unlike some natural brands I have tried in the past, their foundation truly lasted all day and didn't require a second application before going out in the evening.

Crunchi Liquid Foundation

Consumers know what they're getting

What is really amazing about Crunchi is that they are a large "traditional" style brand that's producing a product that goes above and beyond the typical standards in the beauty industry. All of their products are labeled, identifying each one under categories like "vegan", "gluten free", "consciously packaged", and "made in the U.S.A". I felt like, as a consumer, the company was being up front with me about what each product was and what it wasn't.

For example, the liquid foundation is consciously packaged in glass, made in the U.S.A., gluten free, and vegetarian. All of Crunchi's products are also toxin-free and cruelty free! You also don't have to dig through their website to find out which products have which badges, because every single product is labeled with a badge section right there!

Crunchi Cosmetics Packaging

Good (but not great) packaging

As for their packaging, Crunchi definitely has room for improvement but it's up there competing with other eco-friendly and zero waste brands. Many of their products come in glass (like the liquid foundation) or in paperboard (like their blush), but the majority come in plastic containers. They stress on their website though that the plastic is all phthalate and BPA free. They even cook and mix their products in stainless steel pots to avoid any chemical transfer during the process!

I was especially happy to see that they shipped their products plastic free! Unlike many brands who promote plastic free products and then send them to you wrapped in bubble wrap, I opened up my box of Crunchi cosmetics to find just paper. The box was paper. The stuffing was shredded paper. And each product was just lightly wrapped in a tissue paper and held together with a sticker. The only plastic? Three little stickers.

Crunchi Cosmetics

A solid eco-friendly choice

Overall, Crunchi's products were impressive in how they performed and, as a company, they stood out in their dedication to use safe ingredients! Fatima, of Kind Adventures LLC, was amazing in guiding me through which products to try and understanding how Crunchi's products work. Next on my list, I plan on adding their concealer to my cosmetic routine!

What cosmetic brand do you use? Have you tried Crunchi and enjoyed their products?

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