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Waste Audit October 2018

This last month I ended up sorting through my old filing folders and recycled the documents I no longer need. In them I also found quite a few old envelopes and some insurance cards so those got tossed in my monthly waste audit. I also finally used up the old coconut oil I had from Bramble Berry and their bags, unfortunately, can't be recycled around here. Now I buy all of my coconut oil in bulk from the People's Food Coop so that shouldn't be an issue in the future.

Waste Audit October 2018

So for all of October, I made 6.04 ounces of landfill-bound waste. And for all of you wondering, no, I did not eat a single piece of Halloween candy and instead made peanut butter cookies to munch on!

Let's break down exactly what was in my waste jar this last month:

  • bramble berry coconut oil bag

  • spaghetti pasta package

  • remote powerpoint clicker package

  • plastic mailer

  • anniversary card plastic cover

  • cheese pizza wrapper

  • broken magnet

  • THINX shipping label + mailer

  • broccoli label

  • light bulb packaging

  • tape

  • health insurance cards

  • yogurt seal

  • ripple milk seal

  • vitamin packet

  • mayonnaise seal

  • shampoo bar package

  • clothing tags

  • bus passes

  • receipts

  • parking receipts

  • envelope windows

  • random bits of plastic

What was in your waste this month? What are you working on reducing?

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