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  • Jenica Barrett

The Solution to Plastic Hair Ties

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

We all know that feeling of putting up your hair only to have your hair tie snap, ricocheting off the wall and hurting your fingers. Unfortunately the same hair tie is also bound to hurt the planet too as it is headed for the landfill, made totally of plastic. For those of you that check my monthly waste audits, you will frequently see those broken hair ties in my trash. Until now.

Kooshoo Hair Ties

This post was sponsored by Kooshoo - they provided me with the hair ties to review free of charge.

Plastic-free hair ties are no longer a thing of your dreams. Kooshoo designs 100% plastic free hair ties that are functional, beautiful, and really hard to break! Founded by Jesse and Rachel, this family run business is doing everything right when it comes to the environment. Their products are designed in Vancouver, Canada and then sewn, dyed, and distributed in California. They also only dye their cloth with 100% natural dyes and in a solar-powered building!

My sister wearing Kooshoo hairties

Holds Hair Securely

They sent me a package to try out and I've been loving them for months (and so has my roommate and sister who borrow them!). Created with a thick band, the hair ties hold my slick hair really well (even in a bun!). I asked Jesse why they designed them flat instead of the typical round shape and he explained that, "it's easier to seal using plastic-free methods (many round synthetic hair ties are simply melted closed)", referring to the glue that holds the two ends together. It is impressive the length this company has gone to make sure they are not leading their customers astray or falsely advertising when they say they are 100% plastic free!

My sister wearing Kooshoo hair ties


Since Kooshoo hair ties are 100% natural and plastic free, they can be composted at the end of their life! Which means when the inevitable day comes that you snap one, don't just throw it in the trash bin. These lovelies shouldn't do the planet any more harm once you can't use them anymore.

Plastic free hair tie

Currently the hair ties come in black, brown, and assorted colors although Jesse assures me they are working on rolling out some new products in 2019! Kooshoo also sells cotton headbands, shawls, and baby pants that expand as your child grows. This company really is working hard to reduce their reliance on plastic while providing a quality product consumers will love. I definitely love my plastic free hair ties!

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