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Trash Jar September 2018

Every month I gather up all the waste I made that will go to the landfill (excluding recycling and composting). It's all of my residential waste so it includes anything I would throw out in my home as well as items while out and about on errands, meeting up with friends, or eating out. I keep it all until the end of the month and then weigh it and photograph it. I call it the One Jar Challenge and I started it almost four years ago.

Trash Jar September 2018

I've talked about before how the resources people have access to impact their waste. Their financial resources, bulk options, access to recycling and composting, and community support. So in a sense, everyone's "jar" is going to be a different size. We're not all shooting for a pint jar or even a gallon jar. For some people, their challenge might be getting to a single trash can a month. And that's amazing!

Each one of us has our own part to play in helping the planet and analyzing our waste is a great place to start.

September Trash Jar:

  • yogurt seal

  • ziploc seal

  • hair tie

  • boxed brownie packet

  • OMSI entrance bracelet

  • mailer package waste

  • phone battery stickers

  • kefir seal

  • gum

  • bus passes

  • receipts

  • window envelopes

What is your waste reduction goal this month? I'm going to try making my own almond milk so I don't have to buy it in plastic anymore!

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