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Trash Jar June 2018

I have finally gotten around to weighing my trash from June. I didn't originally weigh it because I left for Ecuador right at the end of June and it didn't make my to-do list. But here's a breakdown of all the landfill bound waste I made in my home for the month. I also forgot to weigh it so you'll just have to eye ball whether you think it's ounces or a pound this time around!

Trash Jar June 2018

June Trash Jar:

  • name tag

  • bacon package

  • cheese package

  • silica gel packet

  • NyQuil pill packet

  • almond milk seal

  • cellphone charger packaging

  • plastic clothing hanger

  • yogurt seal

  • unknown plastic bits

  • calendar pieces

  • gum

  • staples

  • clothing tags

  • bus bases

  • receipts

  • envelope windows

I was honestly pretty frustrated after I bought my cellphone charger because I realized there are probably a million out there used that I could have tracked down. Unfortunately it broke suddenly and I wasn't feeling patient enough to put feelers out there. Electronics are usually turned around pretty quickly so it's not hard to find the model you are looking for. At the same time many electronics aren't built to last very long so buying used ones can be a little of trial and error. Even so, it's worth it to keep the plastic packaging and demand for new products lower. I'll remember that next time!

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