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Trash Jar May 2018

Another month down which means it's time to weigh the trash jar once more! This month came to a total of 0.9 ounces of trash. It contained the usual bus passes and staples as well as quite a few busted hairties! But you can check the list below for all the details :)

Trash Jar:

  • 1 take-out wrapper

  • 1 starbucks drink seal

  • 1 elk meat package

  • 1 underwear zip seal

  • 1 ice cream container seal

  • 3 vitamin seals

  • 3 hair bands

  • Various bus passes

  • Various staples

  • Various receipts

  • Various unknown plastic pieces

I also shoved these pieces into my yearly jar and it still all fits! The quart size jar still holds all my waste for the last five months but it is getting quite full. I think that after this next month, I will probably need to start another one!

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