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March 2018 Trash Jar

Okay folks. Man do the months fly by! And with it, it's time to complete another waste audit. This last month added to my total waste for 2018 by a lot because, unfortunately, I am a klutz and broke another glass. I added another 17.2 ounces of trash to the landfill. At this rate, I think I have made more waste in the last three months than I made all of last year! Ugh.

Well, let's take a look at exactly what ended up in my jar.

March 2018 Trash Jar

Trash Jar Contents:

  • 1 broken glass

  • 1 name tag

  • 1 chocolate wrapper

  • 1 cheese wrapper

  • 1 elk meat package

  • 1 barcode sticker

  • 3 ink cartridge labels

  • 3 jar seals

  • 4 price tags

  • Multiple receipts

  • Multiple sock brand stickers

  • Multiple bus passes

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