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You Know You're Zero Waste When...

We've all been there. Those classic zero waste scenarios that only one of us can understand. Those looks in the grocery store and the trials of going "no poo". There are just so many unique experiences that define us as being part of the zero waste community! So for some laughs and giggles, let's list out all the ways we know we're zero waste. How many of them can you relate to?

You know you're zero waste when...

1. Hoarding your trash doesn't seem so weird anymore.

2. You want to cry when someone puts a straw in your drink.

3. Using a hankerchief no longer seems gross.

4. Your arms have doubled in size from carrying so many jars to the grocery store.

5. Holidays are now all about fending off plastic gifts.

6. You've learned every possible way to recycle in your neighborhood.

7. You collect plastic in your purse to bring home and recycle.

8. You awkwardly ask for a "real" plate at the backyard barbecue.

9. A fork now lives in your purse right next to your wallet and chapstick.

10. There is nothing sexier than a man (or woman) holding a reusable coffee cup.

11. There are more glass jars in your pantry than actual food.

12. Seeing a disposable coffee cup induces a slight gag reflex.

13. Plastic wrap is your worst nightmare.

14. Avoiding plastic is like a game of Operation and every time you touch some you cringe inside.

15. There is something inherently sexy about that "I'm saving water by not showering smell".

16. Halloween is your least favorite day of the year. So. much. trash.

17. People bring you their recycling to deal with.

Can you think of any others? How do you pick a "zero waster" out of the crowd? :)

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