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Trash Jar January 2018

January marked the beginning of my fourth year hoarding my waste in jars each month. Every month I analyze the contents and add them all up to get a weight. I compare this weight to the average amount of waste each U.S. citizen produces every day in their homes (municipal waste). By doing this, I have a way of monitoring myself month by month and pushing myself to do better.

Since January is now over, it's time once again to count up my waste! This month I produced 1.5 ounces of trash containing the following items:

  • a cheese wrapper

  • a broken pen clip

  • a chocolate bar wrapper

  • a vitamin seal

  • a bent bobby pin

  • a medical wrap with gauze

  • a clothing tag

  • two yogurt top seal

  • two yogurt plastic seals

  • two peanut butter seals

  • three staples

  • various receipts with BPA

  • numerous bus passes

I haven't yet decided whether I will try to collect my waste for an entire year like I did in 2017. But for now, I continue to see a benefit in weighing my jar contents each month so you can look forward to more to come!

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