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Trash Audit November 2017

Let's take another look inside my trash jar this month. In November, I produced 2.0 ounces of trash. Mostly the weight came from the little metal candle holders I used one evening. Normally I don't burn any candles at all, but to celebrate my partner's and I's anniversary, I did light up a few! I've also been using a printer for graduate school and with it comes some plastic waste I have to deal with. Everything else on this list should look pretty familiar as they are the "hardest" for me to eliminate completely from my life.

  • 1 yogurt seal

  • 1 ink cartridge tab and wrapper

  • 1 plastic mailer

  • 1 plastic juice container seal

  • 2 envelope windows

  • 3 metal candle holders

  • Various bus passes

  • Various staples

  • Various receipts

  • Various clear jar seals

Until next month!

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