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Trash Audit October 2017

Before I jump into the break down of my trash jar this month, I just have to say that not a single piece of Halloween candy is in there. Not one! As a huge fan of KitKats and Reece's Peanut butter Cups, I'm pretty proud of myself for resisting the temptation of consuming any. Instead, I bought some chocolate malt balls in bulk and ate those instead :)

I produced 2.4 ounces of trash last month. Here's what was in my trash jar:

  • 1 lightbulb

  • 1 name tag

  • 1 Scotch-Brite wrapper

  • 1 Xfinity sticker page

  • 1 bandaid

  • 1 Giving Blood sticker

  • 1 blood donation bandage

  • 1 Ricola wrapper

  • 1 yogurt seal

  • 2 envelope windows

  • 2 vitamin seals

  • Many bus passes

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