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10 Sustainable New Year's Resolutions

Ready to take on a more sustainable lifestyle this New Year's? Looking for ways to minimize your impact on the planet? This year make changes that will help both you and the earth! To get you started, I've compiled a list of some potential resolutions for you to choose from. Remember that when choosing a resolution, you want to think about what is a reasonable goal given where you are now. Some of these may seem easy, but others may be quite challenging! You can obviously adapt any one to fit your own personal needs and also look at more difficult resolutions for die hard zero wasters too!


1. Commit to eating Meatless Mondays.

2. Pledge to say no to plastic straws at every meal.

3. Strive to switch out one disposable item every week/month throughout the year.

4. Choose to bus/bike/walk to work one day a week (or more!).

5. Commit to only buying coffee if your reusable cup is handy!

6. Adopt a "road" and become part of the clean-up crew!

7. Choose one item that comes in a non-recyclable package, and give it up for the whole year (some examples are chips, candy bars, K-cups, and granola bars).

8. Switch to LED lights in your house!

9. Challenge yourself to only buy used items - nothing new!

10. Research and purchase in-season only produce at the grocery stores.

New Years drink

Each one of these resolutions will affect your carbon footprint and impact in different ways, but each one will help the planet and make you a more eco-friendly person. If you're feeling really inspired this New Year, go ahead and try multiple! Just remember, any step towards sustainability is a step in the right direction.

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