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Trash Audit September 2017

I'm a little behind in writing this, but don't worry! I still have accurate details of my trash production from back in September. It was a pretty typical month with 0.8 ounces of trash filling up my jar. It included the following items:

  • 1 vitamin jar seal

  • 1 yogurt seal

  • 1 yogurt wrapper

  • 1 shipment receipt

  • 1 piece of elastic string

  • 1 credit card strip

  • 1 IOPI tongue test tube (because "grad school")

  • 5 staples

  • Numerous receipts with BPA

  • Numerous bus passes

  • Numerous envelope windows

Now that I am living in a new city with different composting and recycling resources, I'm having to look closely at some of the things I am still using. For example, the bus passes that I get here through a friend are covered in a plastic coating that make them impossible to recycle. Also, both the curb-side composting and recycling programs here are much stricter than Bellingham in what they accept. It's been a great chance for me to push myself even harder to reduce my reliance on such programs!

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