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Trash Audit July 2017

Plastic Free July is up and it's time to do my monthly waste audit. This time however, I also collected the plastic recycling in addition to my trash. Plastic in general is not a resource I want to be using - whether or not I can recycle it. Over the last few years, my usage has drastically dropped but doing a complete audit every once in a while can really help me pin-point the areas that need more work.

First, let's take a look at the trash I produced this month. It totals 6.7 ounces in weight.

  • 18 plastic hooks

  • 4 plastic straws

  • 4 ink tops

  • 2 yerba mate bags

  • 2 broken rubber bands

  • 2 blister pads

  • 1 notebook ring

  • 1 vitamin seal and cap seal

  • 1 broccoli label

  • Clothing tags

  • Various stickers from a new printer

  • A ball of sticky tack

  • A pile of envelope windows

  • A pile of packing tape

  • A pile of BPA receipts

Plastic Free July Waste Audit

Now let's look at the recyclable waste I produced. This month was exceptionally high compared to usual because I purchased a new printer that came wrapped in Styrofoam and plastic packaging. I also purchased a new set of curtains after scouring thrift shops and came up with nothing.

  • 4 milk caps with seals

  • 3 Styrofoam thin sheets

  • 2 Styrofoam large pieces

  • 2 curtain bags

  • 1 printer cartridge piece

  • 1 Advil bottle

  • 1 chocolate syrup bottle

  • A pile of film plastic from the printer

Plastic Free July Recycling Audit

Compared to last July which I spent in a hospital and produced upwards of 10 pounds of personal waste plus medical supplies, I think I did pretty good this time around!

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