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June 2017 Trash Audit

June rounded out six months for this year so I took stock on how my trash jar has developed. Adding the 2.8 ounces from June, it brings my yearly total up to 13.1 ounces - still under a pound! Every month I find myself having to struggle less and less with resisting plastic. I think I've also found a nice balance with the few things in life I still buy that produce trash. Zero Waste is a goal that I'm striving towards and it's been a great adventure battling my way as close as I can to it!

June 2017 Trash Audit

I added this month:

  • 1 broccoli tag

  • 1 airplane bag tag

  • 1 Activia yogurt seal

  • 1 disposable butter package

  • 1 calendar cover and labels

  • 1 clothing tag

  • 2 plastic container seals

  • 2 notebook spirals

  • 3 envelope windows

  • 6 receipts

Let's see what the next six months bring!

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