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April 2017 Trash Audit

For those of you who may have started following my journey more recently, I started out going zero waste by collecting my trash each month in a jar. At the end of each month, I inventoried what I had made and weighed it. Over time, the amount got smaller and I learned what types of things I'm a sucker for! I've kept it up as a reminder to myself to keep improving and a visual representation of what I can achieve with dedication. In April 2017, I produced 7.6 ounces!

  • 1 broken glass jar

  • 1 plastic mailer bag

  • 1 jar seal

  • 1 bandaid

  • 1 vitamin seal

  • 1 hamburger wrapper

  • 1 broccoli label

  • 1 shipping label

  • 1 packaging sticker

  • 1 gold ribbon

  • 1 sticker

  • 2 glue stickers

  • 2 sunglasses lenses

  • 4 receipts

  • 6 plant markers

Every month is a little different! What will be in my trash can next month?

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