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#OneJarChallenge - March 2017

Is it just me or are the months going by faster now? I've been so busy preparing to move to Portland, Oregon (more on that to come!) and putting on workshops that I am writing this post already half way through the month! But down to business.

For march, I produced 0.9 ounces of trash.

  • 1 chocolate bar wrapper

  • 1 Seahawks phone case

  • 1 magnet

  • 1 piece of tape

  • 2 Chobani yogurt wrappers

  • 2 vitamin seals

  • 2 coconut oil seals

  • 2 postage stickers

  • 2 price tag attachments

  • 3 condiment seals

  • 3 makeup label stickers

Small rant happening now - Don't you hate it when you buy something that looks like it comes in paper and inside it has a plastic wrapper? I was gifted a beautiful chocolate bar in a paper package and yet, I opened it up to find this yucky wrapper! Why do they do that?? I guess it might be because the chocolate could melt and seep through the paper. But I mean, why do they trick you? I feel like there should be a mandatory label if plastic is hidden inside the packaging. Okay, rant over.

On a fun note, I highly recommend you check out a company called Pelacase! They make 100% compostable phone cases for iPhone 5's and newer. Unfortunately I have a version that they don't make for so I have been helplessly looking for an alternative. For now, I have purchased a partially bamboo phone case and am gluing together an old one that I kept around. If you're looking for one however and have a newer phone than me, definitely check them out!

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