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#OneJarChallenge - December 2016

2016 has come to an end and it's time to take a look inside my last month of trash...1.8 ounces of trash.

December brought with it a lot of house cleaning so many items you see in this photo were either found in some back, dark corner of my house or purposefully used up because they had just been sitting around for too long. I always like to end the year cleaning out any trash that might have been missed or dropped throughout the year.

Zero Waste Jar - December 2016

10 Probiotic Plastic Containers

7 Envelope Windows

3 Vitamin Jar Seals

3 tea bags

2 Anti-acid Packets

2 Blister Packages

1 Ricola Bag

1 Vegetable Tag

1 Ziplock Strip

1 Plastic Price Tag

1 Plastic Hook

1 Clothing Sticker

1 Package Seal

Various Clothing Tags

Every month is a learning curve for me and I try to pick at least one item of trash to find an alternative for next month. This time I chose cough drops! I'll be posting the recipe I now use for cough drops soon. They are quite delicious and a great alternative to Ricolas!

And now I begin 2017, hopefully the year where all my trash first in ONE jar - instead of twelve!

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