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Zero Waste Wisdom - Why the change?

As some of you may have noticed, over the last few days I have been transitioning my website (and many social media pages) to my new title: Zero Waste Wisdom.

This change comes after two solid years of living a waste free lifestyle and is happening for many reasons. Here are just a few so you can understand the reasoning behind it (and be sure that the awesome blog posts you have been getting won't change a bit!).

College Girl Compost website

1. Connecting with the Zero Waste Movement

I want my website and blog to be more accessible and easily identified in the zero waste movement online presence. My old name represented a time when I was a college student and before I even knew what "zero waste" meant. It was created on a whim and didn't align myself with any particular way of living. With my new title, readers can easily see that I am a part of the zero waste group.

2. Aligning my Title with my Content

Although I am a "girl" and I do touch on compost every once in a while, the name College Girl Compost no longer reflected what my blog was about. I am not writing to only a young audience nor focusing on composting specifically. I actually don't even compost at home! I use the city food pick-up bins. With my new title, it reflects what my website is about: zero waste; and all the wisdom I have collected along my journey.

It might take me a little while to update all my links so please let me know if you find one that is messed up!

This is also a great time to take a moment and make sure you are following me on all of my social media pages to see the diversity of information I cover! Each platform is slightly different in what I publish so take a peak and follow the ones that interest you!

Through Facebook I share many videos about green technology, fashion, and products to support. I also routinely post blog links to my website and other zero waste writers!

Through Pinterest I share my own blog posts links as well as participate in a group board by the Zero Waste Bloggers Network. I have boards on DIY recipes, vegan and vegetarian cooking recipes, and composting!

Through Instragram you can see a snapshot into my daily life with pictures of my house, car, water bottles, adventures, friends, and grocery shopping trips!

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