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#OneJarChallenge - November 2016

Well let’s take a look shall we? 1.0 ounces for the month of November.

  • 1 salad dressing seal

  • 7 vitamin/spice seals

  • 2 vegan butter wrappers

  • 1 bar code sticker

  • 3 Levi Jeans’ stickers

  • 1 balloon

  • 2 pizza box thingies

  • 2 yogurt container seals

  • 1 medical bottle sticker

  • 3 vitamin bottle preservative packages

  • 1 flower pot decoration

Trash Jar November 2016

Most of these items were accidental or from my pre-zero waste life. The balloon for example was an old stress ball I made back in college that finally broke. The decoration that went around a flower pot was a gift. And the pizza box thingies were a slip of mind when I ordered them delivered. Usually I ask them not to be put them in the boxes!

Zero Waste Jar

Want to know what was the happiest moment this month was though? When I found yogurt in a glass jar! I literally hollered out loud in the store! I think I scared the woman next to me because she jumped a little and looked at me funny. Either way though, I couldn’t contain my excitement! Samish Bay makes cheese that I buy each week at the farmer’s market and as it turns out, makes yogurt to!

And so I begin December, knowing my fridge can be stocked with yogurt almost completely plastic free! And that’s enough cheer for me :)

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