DIY Make-Up Remover

Make-up can be a pesky item to try and get off your face. All too often I am left feeling like I ripped off a layer of skin trying to remove my mascara and have blotchy red spots. Toners and moisturizers can help with that but don’t get to the root of the problem – the make-up remover itself.

This recipe is simple, effective, and healthy. The great thing about making your own products to reduce your trash is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. You CAN make fancier recipes with many more steps and ingredients, but why? That just increases the resources you are consuming and add additional packaging for each one! I say, keep it simple!


1 part Witch Hazel (alcohol free)

1 part Almond Oil

1 part Distilled Water

Mix all the ingredients together and place it in a bottle! Before use, make sure to shake the bottle as the oils will separate while it sits. I use a basic facial round to pour some of the remove onto and wipe down my face.

And that’s it folks! Now you can finish up your old make-up remover, properly recycle it, and never have to use so many chemicals on your face again!

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