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Kitchen - Recommended Products + Switches

Creating a plastic free and waste free kitchen is no easy task. Over time, however, slowly replacing items with sustainable alternatives with become easier and easier. The following is a list of products that I recommend you switch to in order to decrease your trash production, limit your chemical usage, and support good companies. I always believe in buying items second hand whenever possible so please visit your local thrift shops, Buy Nothing groups, and Next Door community before purchasing from these brands.

Please note that although the brands mentioned below did not pay to be featured, some sent me free samples to test. I only though recommend those that I truly love - sponsored or not! This post may also contain affiliate links where I earn a small commission from any purchases you make through this site - with no added cost to you.

Plastic Free Kitchen

We apologize for any inconvenience but this post is currently being edited and moved to a permanent page. Therefore it may be incomplete and missing sections at this time. Please contact us directly if you need assistance!

Kitchen Cooking Supplies

METAL ICE CUBE TRAY - If you find yourself in need of an ice cube tray, check out your local second hand store which usually has quite a few plastic ones. If you don't want a used or plastic one though, invest in a metal one that can be recycled if it ever breaks.

BEES WAX WRAP - There are many alternatives to plastic wrap, including good old fashion pyrex or tupperware. But when you want to cover something up, try bees wax wrappers like Lilybee Wraps or Bee Eco Wraps that are washable and reusable.





COFFEE FILTERS - You may want to consider switching to a French Press or stove top coffee maker that doesn't involve any filters at all. If you do need to use filters, use ones that are certified compostable. In Portland, Seattle, and Bellingham (and in other cities), coffee filters can go in the curbside composting bins.

REUSABLE K-CUPS - Reusable K-Cups can be purchased to fit in your Keurig machine if you already own one. These will, however, need to be filled with standard ground coffee. I recommend selling your Keurig machine to someone else and only investing in reusable K-Cups if your office space only has a Keurig for coffee.

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

DISH SOAP - Your local health food store may have dish soap in bulk. If not, just purchase a concentrated dish soap like Dr. Bronner's to make the most of the plastic packaging. The People's Food Coop and Alberta Food Coop carry bulk dish soap (Portland).

DISHWASHER SOAP - You can use soap nuts in the dishwasher (or so I've heard!). Your local health food store may have dishwasher soap in bulk also.

HAND TOWELS - Keep hand towels well stocked by either buying set new or purchasing some second hand. Make sure your hand towels are cotton so once they go bad, you can compost them. As a last resort, make sure you compost paper towels as you slowly transition away from them.

DISH SCRUBBER - Make sure your scrubbing tool is made from something recyclable - like steel - or compostable. Twist currently makes a compostable sponge that functions very similarly to a typical one and can be found at Fred Meyer (and other stores).

WASH RAGS - These can easily be made out of old clothes or fabrics around the house. If you buy something new, make sure it's cotton and colored with natural dies. I personally recommend just buying some second hand.

Grocery Shopping Supplies

PRODUCE BAGS - Bring your own produce bags with you while grocery shopping

REUSABLE EGG CONTAINERS - If you are able to buy your eggs in bulk, either bring your old egg carton back to the store or use a reusable plastic egg carton (similar to the kid's version!).

Eating Out Supplies





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