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#OneJarChallenge - January 2016

Let's take a look at what I produced in the start of 2016. This month, after all, could foreshadow into how my entire year will do!

January 2016 Trash Detail:

-1 Sour Cream Seal

-2 Lindor Truffle Wrappers

-1 Frango Chocolate Wrapper

-1 Plastic Hook

-3 Fruit Stickers

-Handful of Price Stickers (Goodwill)

-1 Tea Bag

-1 Brocolli Sticker/Rubber Band

-1 Pill Case

-2 Vitamin Bottle Seals

-2 Hairties

-2 Top Ramen Packets (from my dorm room days…)

-2 Medical Tubes/Packaging

-A Month of Floss

-1 Bandaid

Total: 1.6 ounces of trash

Not bad for the start of my second year doing the #ONEJARCHALLENGE. Last January I produced 4.8 ounces of waste so I cut it down by two-thirds this time around!

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